One Time Payment of $697

Own This Site Now Buy This Site Now comes packed with products, and any sales referred to the retailers will earn you commission!

By the way, if this site not quite right for you, we can help you make any alterations required, or why not create your very own?

The Earning Potential is an out-of-the-box shop website which provides a number of products from trusted online retailers, from whom you will earn commission!. It is ready-to-go, and ready-to-earn, and setup takes little over ten minutes. This site has taken many hours of work to create, and you can see everything that's included with this MarketHQ website below.

Upto 10% via Amazon

By complementing content on your website with related Amazon products - you can earn up to 7% on each sale you refer - whether it purchased from Amazon directly, or through one of their third party shops. Your adverts can be placed either manually or through the Amazon widget.

Get Paid Per Click

Get paid for every click on an Adsense advert, be it an banner or text ad. With Adsense, you earn money for every single click. It doesn't have to be a sale, just a click! The money you earn depends on the advertiser and the subject matter of the target website - it can vary between a few pence, all the way to a few quid!

Powerful Website Features

Earn Money from Big Retailers

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    Easy to Use Website Software

    Using our online training you can quickly learn how to make changes or add new content to your Website with no technical skills or previous experience.

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    Full Control Over Products

    Your store comes packed with products, in a number of well researched categorises. You can download more products quickly and easily from over 1700 retailers with our flawless product uploader

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    Built In Blog

    With the built in blog you can easily write great articles (or have someone else do it!) and add them to your site to get more visitors and free search engine traffic.

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    Mailing List

    Building an email list from your Websites visitors is essential and can provide you with an income for life! We’ve built in powerful popup email subsciption software to help collect email addresses for you automatically.

Built to Make You Money

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    Get Paid for Product Sales

    You will receive commission for any sales that you refer through your website. If anyone clicks through to a retailer, even if they don’t buy there and then, if they return to that shop any time in the next thirty days, commission will still be yours!

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    Earn Money Per Advert Click

    We’ve already placed Google Adsense ads throughout the MarketHQ Website to get as many clicks as possible to earn you money. When you buy the site, all you need to do is sign up to the Google Adsense program and enter your own unique id.

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    Automated Sales Emails

    Every visitor who joins your email list is worth money to you as they are placed into a sequence of emails that sell them relevant products and services. All this happens 24/7 without you doing any work!

Full Training Included


We know it can be daunting for someone who has never run a Website before, but with our training centre we make it simple. Within hours you will know how to add more products to your MarketHQ site and most importantly, get lots of visitors!

There is a wealth of online training, from PDF print outs, to walk-through videos, which show you the essentials about running your site.  Plus, we give you access to some of the best third-party services which will help you make the most out of marketing your website.

Plus if you’re ever stuck, of course you can get in touch with our friendly after-care team, who will give you all the info you’ll need!

Learn and Grow

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    How To Get Free Traffic From Search Engines

    We’ll teach you how to get visitors to your site for free from Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

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    How To Use Facebook, Twitter & YouTube

    You’ll be taught how you can easily use social media to connect with people who WILL LOVE your Website and want to visit it time and time again without spending a penny on advertising.

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    How To Become a Webmaster

    Managing your MarketHQ site will be a breeze once we’ve shown you the ropes with our ‘over the shoulder’ video training series that you can access anytime you need to from a computer, laptop, Tablet or smartphone.

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    Friendly Experienced Support Team

    Our team are on hand to help you with any questions you have as you go along through the training so don’t worry if you don’t understand something!

Frequently Asked Questions

As the website purchase is an one-time outright purchase, you will fully own it – forever!
No, you’ll have no extra charges for two years. We do offer SEO add-on products for people who might be short on time, but these are entirely optional, and these are covered extensively in the training. After two years, we have a monthly hosting fee of £9.95 – but you’re welcome to move your site elsewhere for free!
Firstly you need to just familize yourself with the Website software and our training. Then you just need to start putting into action our techniques to get visitors to your Website and watch your income grow.
Its entirely up to you, there are no rules. It depends on how fast you want to build up an income. You can promote the Website from your sofa in the evenings whilst watching TV or if you have some spare time during the day.

We recommend putting aside around 10 hours a week to start getting results.

The advertisers such as Google and Amazon will pay you directly into your chosen bank account anywhere in the world each month or if you prefer, send you a cheque.
As soon as you have ordered you will receive a receipt and the MarketHQ site you ordered will be taken off sale so nobody else can have it. Then you will receive an email with all your login details.
Simply order securely online by clicking the Add to Cart button above and pay by Credit or Debit Card.