This is a question that we are often asked, and obviously, there are many different variables that will determine the overall income that you will make from your Market HQ site. However, in this article we’ll aim to guide you through the commission you can make, as well as how much you may expect to receive, based ON REAL earning examples.

Firstly, it’s worth understanding that we have TWO different types of website which earn in different ways.

Affiliate Site

Earn money through referring a product sale to existing retailers, who pay a commission to you on completion. (Pay per sale)

Also Earn Via...

  • Website Banner Ads (Pay per sale)
  • Google Adsense (Pay per click)
  • Product “Widgets” (Pay per sale)

Travel Site

Be paid for referring visitors through to hotels and airlines. Visitors don’t even have to book for you to earn! (Pay per lead)

Also Earn Via...

  • Car Rental (Pay per sale)
  • Travel Products (Pay per sale)
  • Banner Adverts (Pay per sale)
  • Banner Adverts (Pay per sale)

So how much can I earn? Read on...


With pay per sale commissions, you can earn between 3% and 15% on any product purchase that resulted on a person clicking through your site. The commission varies from retailer to retailer, and can also differ depending on which store department they purchased from. Using an example (one of 2000 retailers you can pick from), sell the “New England Light Grey Tripe Wardrobe” at £849. Since their percentage of commission offered is 8%, you’d earn £67.92.



With pay per click, you will earn money any time a visitor clicks an advert and then gets re-directed off to the external website. They do not have to make a purchase – just the fact they they clicked the ad is enough to earn you commission! Money earned from each click depends on the advert clicked, the type of service/product, and can vary between 10p and £1!


Pay per lead is exactly that! You get paid for when anyone even submits their information on a form – so they don’t even have to make a purchase. As you can see from a genuine customer screenshot, this can result in excellent commissions. The amount earned varies depending on location amongst other factors.


Time Spent

The time you spend on your website is critical! If you can spend an hour a day on average on your site – then this will be enough to nurture your website into a successful income earner.

Product Price

The price of the products on your site will obviously have a baring on how much money you make. The more money an item costs, the more you’ll get for referring that sale – something to think about!

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is critical! We have extensive training which will teach you what you need to do with your website – it is important to follow this as closely as possible – copying our proven income method!


Interacting with your visitors is vital! The more blog posts, forum comments, and social media posts you do – the more your brand is being built – and plus, you’re creating loyalty at the same time.

Your Niche

The more niche your site is, whilst you may deem it too specific, you’ll actually get more visitors than what you would with a universal site – because Google will be able to successfully classify your site..

Content is King!

Content is king! Google will not know what your website is about based on the product descriptions alone. It needs authentic, written content to know the terms for which you’d like your site to be found with!


Each retailer records the amounts of visitors they received from their affiliates, and also the money they have paid out.  Therefore if overa period of time, Currys, for example, have had 50,000 visitors and have paid out £10,000 worth of commission to their affiliates, this means that on average - for every visit/click they get, they pay out 20p.  This is the "Click Value".  

Click Value

The monetary amount you can expect, on average, for each visitor that you can send to the retailer.

Click And Go

Not the people you want, but you'll get them! Visitors that come to your site and do not click on a product or banner.

Amount of Visitors

By multiply in your number of visitors by the "Click Value", but remove the "Visit and Go" visitors, you have an earnings estimation!



  • 250 Visitors Per Day
  • 50% "Click and Go"
  • Click Value of 25.6p *
125 Clicks Sent
£ 32 Daily Commission
£ 960 Monthly Commission


Note that we have used an average "click value" for the stores we generate. Each site we produce is never the same, therefore the average click value across the retailers that your site contains, maybe different.  You however can add as many other retailers as you click once you own the site, which have incredible Click Values, including...

  • Plusnet £2.73
  • GoDaddy £2.65
  • Pet Insurance £1.44
  • Silentnight £1.10
  • 247 Blinds £0.81
  • RAC £0.67
  • £0.64
  • James Villas £0.63
  • 888 Games £12.73
  • Abel and Cole £0.56
  • Purely Diamonds £4.72
  • Oak Furniture Solutions £0.50
  • EE Broadband £0..49
  • PC World Business £0.58


As well as the income you can earn through the regular channel on a Standard store, our Ultimate sites also have a number of extra streams of money-making which will only go to improve the overall income you can garner from the web!  These include....

* As with all investments, we advise that you are in a financially secure position to buy a site. Whilst we sadly do not offer finance, we do however advise against taking a loan out to fund the purchase of your site. Many of our customers have a fantastic passive income, however this revolves around consistent work and following the training provided. The earning examples are calculated using REAL data supplied by retailers who are part of the Affiliate Window network. They are however used as an illustration only. Whilst MarketHQ cannot guarantee those earnings, we are confident that you will earn commission in your first month of owning the site!