More Customer Websites for Your Inspiration

We’ve been very busy at MarketHQ building Websites to help people earn money on a topic they enjoy so we decided to do a quick blog post on 3 of some recent ones we’ve completed.

Hopefully if you’re thinking about running your own Web business with us this will give you some inspiration and get you thinking about what you might do yourself.

Italy has SO MUCH to offer with the most popular places to visit such as Rome, Florence, Tuscany, Venice, Naples and the stunning Amalfi Coast. Our client wanted this encapsulated in an Italy focused  Travel Website so we created Italy Best Deal.


Money is made by visitors clicking through to book hotels, flights or hiring cars. Also there are numerous adverts that when clicked earn money and a full affiliate store built in as this is the Ultimate Travel Store version.

The next site is based around a completely different topic and is designed to help people quit smoking which is fantastic.
No More Smoking sells books, DVDs and numerous other products to help people kick the habit.


Not only does the site make money from affiliate programs, it also makes money just by visitors clicking on the ads via the Google Adsense program too for a truly passive income. All commissions are paid monthly by bank transfer too once they go over a certain amount. This is one of our ultimate affiliate stores that comes with graphic design and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).


Our next client wanted to brand their own Ultimate Travel Website with some of the most popular travel destinations in the World. Again this Website makes money from people clicking through to buy flights and book hotels – even if they don’t actually end up booking!

Hopefully these Website businesses that we have created for some of our recent clients will give you an idea of what you would do yourself. Remember, we can create a Website that will help you earn money in almost any niche and we also teach you how to get traffic and operate the Website so you’re not left on your own.


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Market HQ is the proven passive income model, with both affiliate and travel stores, which generate on-going recurring revenue for its clients using a powerful CMS - built to last.

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