New Customer Shopping & Travel Websites

Our team have been really busy lately building a whole host of different niche affiliate Websites for both Travel and Shopping so here’s a few of them to give you some ideas as to what you can do yourself.

Some people are just Big Kids at heart and this store is perfectly designed to target them with a range of technological goodies including Play Stations, Laptops and Apple Macs.

Big Kids Shop

The store also has live chat enabled so visitors can chat with the site owner about the best deals they have in their store.

This next customer Website is one of our Travel niche Websites packed full of thousands of hotels around the World. Everything Travel enables visitors to book a hotel, flight or even hire a car, all making great commissions for the site owner on auto pilot.

Everything Travel – Explore the world with us

There is even a holiday superstore full of products perfect for the traveller to make even more commissions from anything the visitor buys.

Finally, this UK Ultimate affiliate store is focused on providing furniture and more for babies and young children. Its full of big name trusted brands such as Avent, Tommee Tippe and Aptamil.


An affiliate store is a great way of starting a business online without the need for buying in stock, taking customer calls and having to post out items every day.

We hope you enjoyed looking at some of our customer Website businesses and if you are interested in starting your own, please do get in touch via live chat or fill out our contact form.

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Market HQ is the proven passive income model, with both affiliate and travel stores, which generate on-going recurring revenue for its clients using a powerful CMS - built to last.

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