The Ultimate Travel Website Package

The Ultimate Travel Website Package from MarketHQ is for those entrepreneurs who want to get earning fast.  This is how we would set up a site for ourselves. Its going to cut out much of the startup work you would normally have to do and give you a MASSIVE advantage to making your business a SUCCESS.

What is the difference between Ultimate & Standard sites?

An Ultimate Store is built on the same framework as our standard stores, however our team
provide some services for you which not only give your website a kick start, but also saves you some time in the setup. Here’s what you get that you don’t get with a Standard store.

– An extra years hosting (Three years instead of two)
– Extra revenue streams (Earn more money from extra services)
– Full Graphic Design (Logo and Banners included)
– 5 Content Articles (Google LOVES fresh content)
– Full Social Media Setup (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus)
– 25 SEO Backlinks (Backlinks help to boost your site)
– We’ll tweet out your website to 125,000 people
– We write and distribute a Press Release across the web
– We’ll send 10,000 visitors to your website
– We add an SSL Certificate (a padlocked site improves ranking)
– Display ads which earn you money when they are LOOKED AT


Your Chosen Area

You can choose the name and location of your travel website, and we’ll give it an amazing logo and full graphic design to make it stand out from the crowd.

Your Income Streams

  • Hotel & Flight Bookings
  • Car Rental
  • Travel Products
  • Advertising

Running Your Site

Our training will take someone who has never run a Web business before and turn them into a pro! Its easier than you think and we provide video tutorials for everything.

We Provide…

  • Content & SEO
  • Social Media Setup
  • Your Own Branded Video


Help & Support

We’re going to help you until you’re successful so you’re never alone. We realise starting a new business is both exciting and scary, so we have your back as super experienced web marketers ourselves.

This Includes

  • Telephone & Live Chat Support
  • Priority Ticket Support
  • Monthly Mentoring

See The Website in Action

We GUARANTEE you make commission in your first month.
or your money back.

Multiple Streams of Income

There some exclusive revenue streams not available with our standard travel sites, some of which pay very high levels of commission so you can start earning more money faster!

As well as making commissions from flights, hotel bookings, car hire, pay per click ads, and banner advertising – we have several other FANTASTIC monetisation methods which can generate cash for you in the background. Our aim is not only to provide each of your visitors with an easy booking experience but to also earn as much income for you as possible.


Want to know how much you can earn? Read on for more detailed information…

Earn money through and much much more...

Earn More from Your Travel Website

All of the usual features you get with our standard travel site, plus…


Promote the Biggest Names


You also have access to over 2000 retailers and services – all of whom will pay you for sending them customers.

Exclusive Revenue Streams for Ultimate Travel Store Owners…

As an exclusive Ultimate Travel Store owner you will benefit from these additional ways of making an income from your Website.



What You’ll Get With Your Website

We’ve put together a ton of bonuses and benefits to being an Ultimate Travel Store owner…..

As Standard

  • Flight Booking Engine
  • Hotel Booking
  • Car Hire Engine
  • Google Adsense
  • Banner Adverts
  • Free Domain Name
  • Newsletter Integration
  • Online Travel Shop
  • Built In Blog
  • Video Training
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Two Years Hosting

Worth £497


  • Full Graphic Design
  • (Worth £247)
  • 5 Travel Articles
  • (Worth £47)
  • Full Social Setup
  • (Worth £97)
  • 25 SEO Backlinks
  • (Worth £19)
  • Tweet to 125k People
  • (Worth £47)
  • Press Release
  • (Worth £47)

Worth £504


  • An Extra Year of Hosting
  • (Worth £120)
  • Priority Ticket Support
  • (Worth £39 p/m)
  • Exclusive Partners
  • (Worth £££’s)
  • 25% off ALL Extra Services
  • (Save £££’s)
  • 10,000 Visitor Boost
  • (Worth £49.95)
  • SSL Certificate (for SEO)
  • (Worth £19)

Worth £1692

Total website value: £2693

Buy today for just £995!


Earning Examples

The examples below are for illustration only. Whilst they have been calculated using averaged data and statistics from live website owners, they may not necessarily reflect any earnings on your website.

  • coins


    Average Daily Earn: £8
    Monthly Earn: £240
    Annual Earn: £2880
    Website Re-Sale Value: £5760
  • coins


    Average Daily Earn: £15
    Monthly Earn: £450
    Annual Earn: £5400
    Website Re-Sale Value: £10800
  • coins

    1 YEAR

    Average Daily Earn: £30
    Monthly Earn: £900
    Annual Earn: £10800
    Website Re-Sale Value: £21600

The below assumptions work on the basis that 80% of your visitors do nothing, and the remaining 20% click through to hotels, flights, Google ads, or top-secret monetisation ads.  Please be aware they do not take into account any potential earning that can be made via purchases on the travel store, sales from banner ad referrals, car hire (of which you get 40% commission), Travelex commissions, and AirBNB referrals.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

  • web2 “My Market HQ travel site has been a revelation! I was a slow starter, and it took time to grips with using the system but now I am so excited to wake up very day and do some work on it! It is very addictive, and I have got my friends using it too!”

    Susan Janes, Berkshire

  • web2 “I was sceptical at first but have been reassured now that I have had my monthly mentoring. The team at Market HQ are so knowledgeable, and what is great is that the skills are transferrable, so now I have started another site on my own! It has given me a new lease of life after so many previous failed ventures, plus the cash isn’t bad either!”

    Tariq Swahli, Bedfordshire

  • web2 “Ok, at first, you are presented with a number of training videos which tell you how to use the system, but after going through that,it is actually fairly self-explanatory. The biggest challenge for me is finding the time to run it, but when you see commission payments coming in it really inspires you to make time for it!”

    Alan Connell, Lincoln

Start Your Travel Website Today

We can only do one of these special Ultimate Travel Packages a week due to the time it takes our team to set up.

  • Satisfaction_Guarantee
  • ssl-secure
  • PCI-Compliant
  • money_back

Questions About The Ultimate Travel Store

Not at all, you can call the site what you like and focus on any area that you choose. Once you purchase the site, you just need to let us know in your order notes! Even if you focus on one area, your visitors will be able to book a hotel, car or flight ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.
It all depends on how much time you want to spend promoting your Website. Remember the great thing is its a Web business so you can work from anywhere in the world to make it a success and you have our help and training to guarantee it. You could be earning at least £1k per month after 6 months if you follow the training and put it into action.
Once you’ve decided  on a brand name and area to focus on we can get to work for you. Your site will be finished by our team in just 5 working days, however there it will be around a week where all of your additional bonuses are activated. These include the social media accounts and the Website articles.
This is the most common question we are asked. Due to the variable nature of travel and search engine positions, it can vary considerably – however, we guarantee with The Ultimate Travel Package you will be making your first commissions within the first month. Remember, there are many income streams available to Ultimate Travel Site owners which earn money without the user having to buy ANYTHING.
Direct into your Bank, or quite often, via Paypal! As there are several different sources of income, each have a different way of paying out to you. It doesn’t matter where you are located in the world or who you bank with, you will be paid commission earned so don’t worry.
Not at all – these sites can be run from anywhere. So if you’re doing a site on Europe, you don’t have to live in Europe. You can live in the USA and run a Travel site focused on Barbados if you like!
You will need to follow our online training to learn how to run your Web business. It’s a really fun process, and we will teach you everything that you need to know to get tons of visitors  – plus we’ll catch up with you every month in a one-to-one mentoring session so we can see where you’re at!
After three years, you can continue to host your website with us for £9.95 per month, or if you like, you can host it elsewhere (we’ll help you migrate it).
No, nothing. However, if you find yourself short of time and need anything done for you which we have taught you in the training, then you can order some of our powerful extra services (with 25% discount) – however these are completely optional.
No. In-fact, the less technical the better! As long as you can turn on a computer, surf around websites, and know your minimise button from your maximise, then you’ll be absolutely fine at this! We teach you all you need to know.