Earn a Passive Income
From Your Own Tube Video


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Thousands of Niches

Choose from an almost limitless amount of niches from football to stock markets. Whatever you’re passionate, we can build it.

 Own a Community

Attract a tribe of fans to your Website who repeatedly return to watch the latest videos and increase your income.

 Build a Mailing List

Our automated software builds up a mailing list from your visitors and automatically sends them cash generating offers.


Earn money from the many big name advertisers wanting to pay you money to appear on your Website.

 Search Engine Ready

All our MarketHQ sites are set up to attract traffic for free from Search Engines such as Google.

 Perfect for Mobiles

All our MarketHQ sites are optimized to look great on a smart phone or tablet for even more visitors.

 Get Paid Per Click

Earn cash for every click on your Google Adsense ads. The more clicks you receive, you the more money you make.

 Add More Videos

With just a few clicks you can grab more quality videos to go into your site  or even get your visitors to upload their own.

 Global Audience

Why limit your income to be from one country when you can earn it from the whole World?

Get a Ready-Made Tube Website & Start Making an Income Now……..

Random Products

Don't see a Tube Site you like?

We can build one just for you on any subject you like at no extra cost. Just let us know what you want whether its Horse Riding, Fishing, Books, Fitness, Weight Loss, Fashion, Makeup we can create your perfect money making Tube site.


Why Tube Site could be the perfect opportunity for you….

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    Run From Home

    The beauty of a Website is that you can run it from anywhere in the world! You can easily manage your Tube site from a Desktop computer or Laptop or from your own home.

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    Work When You Want

    Your Website is online 24/7/365 doing its job of attracting visitors so you can manage the business the hours you choose. Fit it around your job or family commitments.

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    Enjoy Recurring Income

    Once visitors are flowing to your Tube site, you can enjoy a continuously growing revenue stream that runs on autopilot. Just logon and check your earnings from Advertisers and Google anytime.

  • “I love running my own video website and I’m already earning money from the ads so it works! The training was pretty easy to follow and the support team have helped me no end!”
    Laura Godalming
  • “Thrilled with my Website from MarketHQ. I’ve added loads more videos and my traffic is building up nicely along with my income. I would highly recommend starting an online business with this company.”
    David Tobias
  • I’m a super keen cyclist and I was looking for some kind of way to earn money with my passion. MarketHQ have made a superb Website for me – one that I would visit with interest myself!Long term, I can really see this working out and making a decent passive income.
    Daniel Guppy
  • “One of the nicest things about this business is that its based around a subject I really like and I get to interact with like minded people who are joining my Website.”
    Sarah Parsons

No Technical Skills Needed & We Provide Full Training

Running your own Website can sound intimidating for someone who has never done it before, but its actually easier than you think, especially when we have set up everything for you, provide full training and are on hand to help when you need us!

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    Full Video Training

    Look over our shoulder as we demonstrate exactly how easy it is for you to run your own Video Website.

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    Get Lots of Visitors

    Use our years of experience to learn how to pull in thousands of visitors a month to your Tube site to make recurring money.

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    We Support You

    Perhaps the best thing of all is we are here to help with your new Tube business. If you have a question or want some advice, just message us!

Build a community of like minded people….

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    Built In Social Media

    Our Tube sites come with built in social media and attract your visitors to join up, become a member and regularly return.

    When you own a community, you have a group of people you can constantly recommend great products to and get paid for it!

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    Member Interaction

    Your Website members will be able to upload their own videos, have their own social profile page and even message each other.

“Digital Ad Spending Worldwide to Hit $137.53 Billion in 2014” eMarketer

3 Powerful, Simple & Automated Ways to Earn Money

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    Get Paid Per Click

    We place Google Adsense Ads around the videos in your MarketHQ site and you earn money for every click made by your visitors! This is perhaps the easiest way to make some money once you have some traffic.

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    Earn Money From Product Sales

    When you own a Video site targeting a specific niche you know exactly what they like so choosing great advertisers to work with is easy. You will earn money from any sales made when someone clicks on a banner and buys something from the advertisers Website.

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    Sell Products Automatically by Email

    Every time someone enters their email address into your Website they receive automated emails each week selling them products perfect for them that make you commission on every sale!

Frequently Asked Questions….

You will become the owner of the Website as it is fully paid for.
There are no charges for 2 years. After that we charge a small monthly fee of $14.95 per month to host your Website and provide support, OR you can move to another host.
Yes, it’s actually pretty easy – especially with our training and support so don’t worry about that at all. You will enjoy running your own Web business!
You earn money in several ways.

  • From people clicking on your adverts
  • By people buying Ebooks or other products your advertise
  • By sending automated emails to your Website visitor mailing list

You’ll be being paid by the likes of Amazon and Google each month by bank transfer.

Yes! You can add hundreds or even thousands of videos in just a few clicks to your Website to help keep your niches audience happy and coming back for more.
Firstly you need to just familize yourself with the Website software and our training. Then you just need to start putting into action our techniques to get visitors to your Website and watch your income grow.
Its entirely up to you, there are no rules. It depends on how fast you want to build up an income. You can promote the Website from your sofa in the evenings whilst watching TV or if you have some spare time during the day.

We recommend putting aside around 10 hours a week to start getting results.

The advertisers such as Google and Amazon will pay you directly into your chosen bank account each month.
Absolutely. We recommend sticking to subjects you are interested though so running your Websites is more fun!
As soon as you have ordered you will receive a receipt and the Tube site you ordered will be taken off sale so nobody else can have it. Then you will receive an email with all your login details with 24 hours, 7 days a week.

If you order a custom Website, our team will get to work and have it ready for you in just 5 working days.

You can use Paypal Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express or Bank Transfer.