The Ultimate Affiliate Website Package from MarketHQ is for those entrepreneurs who want to get earning fast. This is how we would set up an affiliate site for ourselves. Its going to cut out much of the startup work you would normally have to do and give you a MASSIVE advantage to making your business a SUCCESS.


Simply find the site you want, and select the "Buy Ultimate Store" link.  Alternatively, if you can't quite find the store you want - you can choose a Bespoke Store, and select Ultimate there! 


An Ultimate Store is built on the same framework as our standard stores, however our team provide some services for you which not only give your website a kick start, but also saves you some time in the setup. Here’s what you get that you don’t get with a Standard store.


An extra year, three years hosting instead of two.


2x the revenue streams than a standard


Full design, including custom banners and logo too!


5 unique articles which Google loves to see!


Full setup of Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook!


25 powerful links back to your site from other sites!


We will get your website in front of 125,000 Twitters!


A Press Release, written & distributed across the net.


We'll target up to 10,000 visitors & get them on your site!


Google loves to see a padlock in the address bar!


Pay per click ads which pay on eevery click.


Priority Support from our team of experts.

The Ultimate Affiliate site from Market HQ saves a lot of time in setting up services and integrating them on your website. We provide a number of extra income avenues, plus we give you priority support too. Your website will have a fresh & bespoke look - which we be reflected across your social media channels. Of course, we'll be promoting too - give you a great chance to kick-start your website and get visitors at an early stage! It's highly recommend and saves A LOT of donkey work!

Matthew Collins Support Technician

Here's how it works and what you get...

Your Chosen Niche

Either buy an existing site which we will upgrade to an Ultimate, or get a Bespoke site, which we'll create from scratch! You can choose the name and niche of your website, and we’ll give it an amazing logo and full graphic design to make it stand out from the crowd.

Ways You Can Earn

  • Product Sales
  • Banner Advertising
  • Google Adsense
  • Coupons and Deals

Running Your Site

Our training will take someone who has never run a Web business before and turn them into a pro! Its easier than you think and we provide video tutorials for everything.

We Provide

  • Content & SEO
  • Social Media Setup
  • Your Own Branded Video

Help & Support

We’re going to help you until you’re successful so you’re never alone. We realise starting a new business is both exciting and scary, so we have your back as super experienced web marketers ourselves.

Ways You Can Earn

  • Priority Tickets
  • Live Chat
  • Monthly Mentoring


We GUARANTEE you make commission in your first month...
Or your money back.

Multiple Streams of Income

There some exclusive revenue streams not available with our standard affiliate sites, some of which pay very high levels of commission so you can start earning more money faster!

As well as making commissions from product sales, banner ads, and Google Adsense – we have several other FANTASTIC monetisation methods which can generate cash for you in the background. Our aim is not only to provide each of your visitors with an easy shopping experience but to also earn as much income for you as possible.

Coupon Referral

Displaying coupons is an instant crowd-pleaser, pus you benefit from the commissions of sales you refer.

Google Adsense

Ultimate site can get approved by Google Adsense much quicker, so you'll be ready to earn from per-per-click!

Product Sales

Exclusive Access to extra affiliate networks, which gives you a wealth of surplus products for your site.

Banner Adverts

Access to high-performing banner ads that will pay you good amounts per person who signs up!

Other Ultimate Store Bonuses

All of the usual features you get with our standard affiliate site, plus…

Promote The Biggest Names

You also have access to over 2000 retailers and services – all of whom will pay you for sending them customers.

Exclusive Revenue Streams for Ultimate Affiliate Store Owners

As an exclusive Ultimate Affiliate Store owner you will benefit from these additional ways of making an income from your Website.

Standard vs Ultimate - What You’ll Get...

We’ve put together a ton of bonuses and benefits to being an Ultimate Affiliate Store owner…..

Domain Name

Training Access

Support Level

Number of Years Hosting Included

Social Media Setup Included
Worth £97

25 SEO Backlinks
Worth £19

5 Full Content Articles
Worth £47

Promotional tweet to 125,000 Users
Worth £47

Newsletter Setup &
Mailchimp Integration

10,000 Website Visitors
Worth £49

Press Release Written & Distributed
Worth £47

Full Graphic Design Package
Worth £247

Website Live Chat
Including iOS and Android App


£497 one-off

Ticket Only

Two Years


£997 one-off

Ticket and Live Chat

Three Years

Ultimate Store - Earning Examples

The examples below are REAL earning screenshots. The earning estimations included are for illustration only. Whilst they have been calculated using averaged data and statistics from live website owners, they may not necessarily reflect any earnings on your website.

To give you an idea of what you can earn from an Ultimate site, each retailer records the amounts of visitors they received from their affiliates, and also the money they have paid out. Therefore if over a period of time, Currys, for example, have had 50,000 visitors and have paid out £10,000 worth of commission to their affiliates, this means that on average - for every visit/click they get, they pay out 20p. This is the "Click Value".

Current Retailer Click Values

Note that we have used an average "click value" to calculate earning estimations for the sites we generate. Each site we produce is never the same, therefore the average click value across the retailers that your site contains may be different. You however can add as many other retailers as you click once you own the site, which have incredible Click Values, including...

  • Plusnet £2.73
  • GoDaddy £2.65
  • Pet Insurance £1.44
  • Silentnight £1.10
  • 247 Blinds £0.81
  • RAC £0.67
  • Bunches.co.uk £0.64
  • James Villas £0.63
  • 888 Games £12.73
  • Abel and Cole £0.56
  • Purely Diamonds £4.72
  • Oak Furniture Solutions £0.50
  • EE Broadband £0.49
  • PC World Business £0.58


  • 250 Visitors a Day
  • 50% Bounce Rate
  • Click Value of 25.6p *
125 Clicks Sent
£ 32 Daily Commission
£ 960 Monthly Commision

Work Out Your Commission

50 visitors a day 500 visitors a day

PLUS your Ultimate commission too....

The figure shown is only an estimation, and EXCLUDES any monetisation streams which the Ultimate Site provides including Adfly, Infolinks, PainONResults, Outbrain and more. Therefore the earning potential is even greater!

It is also worth remembering that, should  you ever want to RE-SELL your site - YOU CAN, as it is YOURS!
Websites can garner up to TWO TIMES the amount of ANNUAL REVENUE that it receives.

What Do Our Ultimate Clients Think? Say

Peter Abel Ultimate Travel Site

I admit it, I'm lazy! That's why I went for the Ultimate MarketHQ site as they do so much of the set up and promotional work to get the site off the ground.

The guys did a great job, I'm really thrilled with my New York Travel site. I love the city and try and go every year at Christmas so it's cool to have a business that pays for me to go there now!

Shameel Hussain Ultimate Travel Site

I'm having a lot of fun playing around with my new Ultimate Travel site. Africa has long been a passion of mine so it was an obvious choice to have my site on Kenya.

I've found the Ultimate version of an MHQ site to be a real time saver as they did the the graphic design (although i could do it myself) and added lots of videos and blog posts etc.

Mabel Arnold Ultimate Online Shop

The Ultimate store I bought from Market HQ was awesome value when I shopped around to try and have someone develop me a similar thing. Plus what I liked about these guys is that they live and breath affiliate marketing which is how I earn money from my site.

If you want your own online business then I can't recommend Market HQ highly enough to help you get started!